A mixed bag of news today from the world of DC. A couple of reveals and a bombshell.

A new still from HBO Max’s Zack Snyder’s Justice League has been released. It’s a decent HD picture showing the intricate details of villain Steppenwolf, voiced by Ciaran Hinds. In the Joss Whedon cut he was something of a lightweight villain. This is very close to the reveal of the character by the Kryptonian  control key in Batman vs Superman.

Easy to see why it may have been changed for the re-cut as rendering that outfit in CGO won’t be cheap. Maybe that is where some of that rumored $70m budget is going?

In other news, following an embarrassing music rights issue the trailer has been tweaked and re-scored with a cover version of the original song. It’s mostly the same but there are one or two new scenes.

The HBO Max four-episode run is rumored to be being made available on Amazon outside the USA, with one of our very own Outposters having a hot tip that it will land in March 2021.

Now comes the really bad news. Boardwalk Empire and The Sopranos writer Terence Winter has exited the Batman spin-off Gotham PD over “Creative Differences”.

Uh-oh. When you have the man behind the writing on two of the most critically acclaimed shows of modern times in your corner, and you are working on an adaption of a highly regarded comic, you would think it’s the golden ticket, right?

Is the DC/WB inability to respect source material and not tinker from above rearing it’s head again? Look Warner Bros. suits. You remember what happened last time? Your track record here doesn’t look too hot.

Gotham PD was handed a straight-to-series order at HBO Max over five months ago. The story will be set in the world Matt Reeves is creating in The Batman and will deal with the root causes of the corruption of Gotham City.

The search is underway for a new doormat… I mean… showrunner to bend over and take whatever Warner’s think is best.