OK, it’s nearly Christmas and most of the world of TV and movie production has been shuttered for a lot of the year, with just about every major release moving out. It is the very definition “slow-news” out there.

By now we should have been over a year from the release of Daniel Craig’s last outing as 007 in No Time To Die so would have been deep into speculation about the new Bond actor. Dune would have just been released so we would have been appraising that and working out whether it hit the hurdle rate for a sequel. There would have been a new Fast And Furious movie for us all to point and laugh at.

However none of that is happening. So we take the news wherever we can find it. Including this wonderful nugget.

Leaked audio of Tom Cruise’s on-set tirade directed at Mission: Impossible 7 crew members reportedly not following COVID-19 safety protocols quickly went (excuse the pun) viral last week. It split people between those who believed he was in the right given how the movie business employs so many people, and those who believed that, regardless of cause, you should not be allowed to speak to people like that in a workplace.

Following this at least , but potentially as many as 12, crew members quit and walked. The production will shut down a week early for the Christmas break while they try and fill those gaps and heal the on-set rifts.

Those who have already quit have at least one other job already lined up, from a very unexpected source. Stripchat is an adult entertainment cam site, so we are told here at the Last Movie Outpost, and it has extended an employment offer to all of the crew members.

They are expanding into a reality TV show that will follow their biggest stars when they are not on web camera and now their VP Max Bennett has said he will hire them all:

“I heard about the recent news and the clip of Tom Cruise’s expletive-filled rant at employees on the set of Mission: Impossible 7 for not following strict protocols put in place to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

It seems there was a subsequent tirade that resulted in 5 employees quitting the movie entirely. I wanted to extend an offer to those employees – and any others who might quit the movie – to work for Stripchat, a leading adult webcam site that boasts cutting edge streaming technology and A/V capabilities. We’re actually planning on shooting our own series devoted to cam girls’ lives in 2021.

We’re confident their skills will easily translate and they can be a valuable asset here at Stripchat as we ring in the new year.

Not to mention they can work from the comfort of home! And our workplace culture is pleasant and enjoyable.”

Genius publicity stunt! Will any of the 5 (or higher) take up the offer?
What exactly do cam-girls do when not on camera? Do we care? Will there be motorbikes and explosions? Do they do their own stunts?