I love movies. Watching them isn’t even enough for me. I’m the guy who watches movies with the director and writer’s commentary turned on. I watch documentaries about the movies I watch or about the people that make them. I even read scholarly essays analyzing them. I am a bit of a spurg about movies, the same way I am about guns. One of my favorite documentaries is this one. It is about John Milius.

Anyone who still exists above room temp has heard of John Milius or watched one of his movies. He wrote Apocalypse Now, Jeremiah Johnson, wrote and directed Conan, Red Dawn, Rough Riders, and The Wind And The Lion.

On top of that, he wrote the best dialogue in Jaws and The Hunt For Red October. Last but not least. wrote most of the good stuff in Dirty Harry and all of Magnum Force.

This doc was made in 2013, and it’s pretty damn good. One thing that stuck out to me is that Mr. Milius’ peers and friends seem to not believe that his personality is really who he is. They think it must be an act. An affectation.

I think it’s just proof of just how fake most of Hollywood is. Completely unintentional of course.  I’m sure the makers of the film think his personality is all act.  Like with other things, Hollywood is oblivious to its own personal shortcoming and projects its own behavior onto anyone else. One thing is for sure, he has made some stone-cold classics.

If you want to see the doc, you can watch it for free, right here, via YouTube as long as you are not in a country where it is restricted on copyright grounds. If so, it may be time to fire up your VPN.

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