Remember back in 2012? A time of joy and hope. Walt Disney had announced they were buying Lucasfilm and we were going to get not just a new trilogy, but anthology movies too. The promise of new stories told in the Star Wars galaxy, free of the shackles of the main trilogy, was exciting.

Then we saw the teasers for Rogue One, tie fighters in canyons with the Death Star looming over the horizon. Or panicked radio messages during a battle as rebel commandos streamed off drop ship in the pouring rain. A proper, grown up war movie? Men on a mission? The Guns Of Naverone or Where Eagles Dare or The Dirty Dozen set in the world of Star Wars? Shut up and TAKE MY MONEY!

Then something went wrong. Maybe it was sheer hubris off the back of The Force Awakens staggering box-office? Certain factions inside Lucasfilm became empowered to over-rule creative decisions? Either way it was open knowledge that Lucasfilm turned to Tony Gilroy from Godzilla helmer Gareth Edwards and somewhat retooled.

Whereas Edward’s had spoken of Saving Private Ryan and Zero Dark Thirty as inspirations, even hiring that movies cinematographer Greig Fraser, Gilroy seemed to be under some instructions to refashion the movie to something less adult.

There were a number of shots in the teaser and the trailers that gave us a tantalizing glimpse of what could have been, but which did not appear in the final movie.

Vader contemplating a tactical readout while an anxious Krennic approaches.

Jynn facing down a TIE fighter en route to transmit Death Star plans.

A rebel strike team being mown down on a beach by AT-ATs.

Krennic striding through Stormtrooper corpses on a battlefield.

Jynn and Andor sprinting through an Imperial Base.

A reflective Krennic in the Death Star control room.

There are also rumors of a different role for Darth Vader, of Saw Gerrera’s appearance being completely re-tooled and the whole land based portion of the final battle being seriously toned down. Forget the Snyder Cut, I think I want to see the Edwards Cut!

Speaking to the Happy Sad Confused podcast, actor Mads Mikkelsen said this made it hard to follow for the actors as their role was changing around them.

“Some of it was a little chaotic.There was no secret that there was some rewriting in the script while we were doing it. And when you do that…it is obviously very tricky for the actors to know ‘What am I carrying into this room now? I opened the door. I’m not back to what happened before.’ So there was some of that.

Having said that, it always felt like a solid story. A young girl lost, [who] doesn’t know where she belongs in the world. Then an Oppenheimer story unfolds.

She’s always heard he [Galen] was this, and then she realizes he was that. And it was quite beautifully written. At the end of the day, the changes that were in the film were not as dramatic as people talk about. It was tweaks, but obviously, if you do it while you’re working it can be confusing.”

Given all the changes and challenges, it is somewhat surprising that Rogue One remains, arguably, the best of the Disney Star Wars efforts to date. Maybe, just maybe, somebody at Lucasfilm could learn a lesson from that?