“No Great Thing Is Created Suddenly”

Author Stephen King has given his blessing to the hiring of Mike Flanagan (Doctor Sleep) to adapt his 2014 novel, Revival.

Revival focuses on the relationship between a heroin-addicted musician and a dubious faith healer with a hidden agenda. The spiritualist is obsessed with trying to find a way to communicate with his departed wife and child but ends up connecting to a Lovecraftian horror.

Flanagan’s Doctor Sleep was a decent sequel to horror classic The Shining. The movie didn’t perform as well as the suits would have liked, only grossing $72 million worldwide, dashing hopes for a prequel or sequel.

Revival joins a long line of film adaptations of King’s books. In addition to the highly successful It adaptation and HBO’s recent The Outsider, J.J. Abrams is working on a new HBO Max series Overlook, which is inspired by The Shining. There’s adaptations of The Stand, Lisey’s Story and The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon at different stages of development, while we’re supposed to get yet another adaptation of the vampire tale Salem’s Lot.

In addition to Revival, Flanagan is writing and directing The Haunting Of Hill House follow-up series The Haunting Of Bly Manor for Netflix, he’s also working on both adapting the horror novel The Midnight Club as a series as well as the original concept Midnight Mass.

Revival is housed at Warner Bros. who’ll produce alongside Flanagan and Trevor Macy’s Intrepid Pictures.