Midway is a fairly enjoyable and historically accurate movie. It has a lot of great things in it and a few things that weren’t so great.

The Good

As far as acting goes Patrick Wilson is great in this, which isn’t surprising since he’s always great (he is the Ted McGinley of these modern times after all). In fact, most of the performances in this movie are pretty solid, especially a lot of the Japanese actors.

Patrick Wilson

This movie also features some of the best aerial and naval combat sequences ever shown on the silver screen. For instance, you see bombing runs of planes diving into enemy fire that is so heavy it literally fills up the screen. Also, there are a lot of torpedoes and bombs that miss their naval targets by a handful of feet that made me sigh a few times at the sheer bad luck of the situation.

I also liked that the movie illustrated a wide array of events and perspectives in the story. Covering the events from 1937 (in a few prologue scenes), then jumping ahead to the war in the Pacific from the attack on Pearl Harbor to the aftermath of the Battle of Midway, there’s a lot of good information in here from everyone involved in the events: American and Japanese Naval officers and enlisted men, military intelligence officials and even the women in their lives.

The Bad

I couldn’t stand the lead actor Ed Skrein who played pilot Dick Best. He was fine in other movies I have seen him in like Alita: Battle Angel, but he’s terrible here. He just doesn’t have the charisma or charm of a real star like a Harrison Ford or a Steve McQueen to pull off the role. He’s just not likable enough.

The beginning third has reminded of the Star Wars prequels where it was a collection of scenes that needed to be in the movie to tell the story, but they weren’t connected well so the movie seemed jarring and abrupt at times.

The Ugly

Dennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid looks terrible here. I expected him to drop dead on the screen at any second. His character has a body rash later in the movie, but it wasn’t on his face, which is what I’m talking about here.

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