Annie are you OK?  Have you been touched by a smooth criminal?  We could be about to find out.

Bohemian Rhapsody producer Graham King is developing a new biopic about Michael Jackson and has obtained the rights for his life story and to use his music in the film.

He is teaming up with three-time Oscar-nominated screenwriter John Logan of Gladiator fame to write the script.  Whatever happens, with the suspicions still lurking about Jackson’s background, this has the potential to be controversial.

The film will cover his entire life from early Jackson 5 until his death.  The makers claim they will tackle the scandals and suspicions.  However, having the rights to his music means they have the blessing of the Jackson estate and family.  This raises questions over how far they will delve into that portion of his life.

Bohemian Rhapsody faced similar accusations of whitewashing elements of Queen’s story and playing fast and loose with the timeline of events.  This was to make it more cinematic but also to prevent a higher age rating to keep the surviving band members happy.

HBO’s Leaving Neverland won an Emmy but is the subject of a $100m lawsuit from the Jackson estate.  It is hard to see a movie producer gaining rights to the music and the family’s version of the story of the plan was to make similar accusations to those in Leaving Neverland.

This guy has clearly made up his mind.

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