Michael Bay and former Paramount Pictures production chief Adam Goodman are teaming up again. Goodman now has a production company called Invisible Narratives and they will work with Bay to get a pandemic thriller out the gates as quickly as possible. Get that bandwagon rolling! The movie will be called Songbird.


What is interesting is the methods being deployed to make the movie. A far cry from Bay’s usual $multi-million action extravaganza. This is said to be low budget and will take cues from Cloverfield and Paranormal Activity.  Casting is underway with training for actors being done remotely, as will certain aspects of the production.

Guilds and unions have had to be consulted and brought onside with this approach and have given their approval, understanding how important it is for the industry to embrace new ways of working post-COVID19. It is likely to be the first film to shoot in LA post shut-down.

The story is said to take place two years into the future and the pandemic has not gone away. Rolling lockdowns are a way of life as the virus recedes, mutates and comes back flaring up in clusters. This gives rise to paranoia, mental health issues, depression, anxiety and conspiracy theories as people are pushed to breaking point by the constant uncertainty.

Adam Mason (Into The Dark) direct and co-writes with Simon Boyes (Misconduct), and the low budget project will begin production within five weeks. Eben Davidson, Jeanette Volturno, Jason Clark, Marcei Brown, Jessica Malanaphy and Rick A. Osako all produce.

No release date is currently set.