There’s a phenomena in Hollywood, called The Twin Movies effect, where they produce two movies, very similar to each other, at the same time :

  • Armageddon – Deep Impact
  • The Prestige – The Illusionist
  • Dante’s Peak – Volcano
  • Antz – Bugs Life
  • Tombstone – Wyatt Earp

There are a lot more examples. Well, in true Twin Movie effect, there are now two black Superman projects on the go.

We reported back in May, that JJ Abrams is working on a Superman movie for WB. In that article there is a quote from Michael B Jordan about him possibly being cast as Supes, which he said :

[I’m] flattered that people have me in that conversation. It’s definitely a compliment, but I’m just watching on this one.

Well, The Wrap have now reported that Jordan is going to develop a limited series for HBO Max, another Black Superman. It will focus on Val-Zod, who is from a different multiverse than Kal-El, but escapes the destruction of Krypton and ends up taking up the mantel of Superman on Earth.

At the moment, all that is known is that there is a writer, although there is no news of who it is, and the project is ‘in development’. The suits at HBO Max and reps for Jordan have refused to comment about anything else. No one knows if Jordan will be playing Superman or if they will cast someone new.

Also, it appears that Jordan’s project has nothing to do with JJ’s Superman movie, nothing to with The Batman, The Suicide Squad or any other of the universes that DC have on the go at the moment.

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