Cancel culture is a cancer on society, spreading through its host, and likely to become terminal if it is not cut out as soon as possible. However like a patient that ignores strange pains and blood in things blood should never be in, society seems unwilling to do what is necessary to stop the disease.

The very first people to scream “Gaslighting” whenever challenged will continue to gaslight the rest of us while claiming that cancel culture doesn’t exist, in between screeching on blue tick Twitter about somebody having the temerity to hold a different opinion to them.

Don’t expect any outbreaks of common sense in boardrooms across the West either. The lunatics are now running the asylums. HR and Marketing departments are full of the kind of people that used to be safely on the fringes, before social media allowed them to connect and organize. Which is why we see some kind of strange standard corporate group think happening across the world, with Vision statements and Corporate Value policies that read like a sophomore Social Studies paper, and scant regard seemingly being paid to good, old fashioned profit and loss.

“I am feeling happiness. I will laugh. 10110011010100101.”

This could all be broken tomorrow, normalcy could be restored, if customers voted with their wallets and shareholders made a noise. However we don’t. Hollywood is the worst, and as movie fans we really don’t help ourselves. We will still go and see what they churn out, despite them shouting at us how terrible we are while we give them our money.

If there is anything more unedifying than watching the Corporate machine cancel somebody through fear of a loud minority and a social media witch hunt, it is a tit-for-tat battle breaking out. A cancellation being demanded as penance for a cancellation.

So it was with Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. After battling in the press and through the courts, unsavory accusations were made by both sides. Depp lost his role in the Harry Potter spin-off series Fantastic Beasts.

Immediately calls were made for Amber Heard to lose her role in the DCEU, as if somehow it was a war of cultural attrition and another cancellation would somehow make things right. Then there was much internet jubilation at rumors that the campaign had succeeded. In the process, many people celebrating were seemingly unaware they had become what they claimed to despise, a cancel culture proponent.

Well, not so fast, hypocritical and non-self-aware internet folk, it seems you may have been celebrating early. The Hollywood Reporter’s Ryan Parker has cited a reliable source that says this just isn’t true. Heard remains as Mera in Aquaman 2.

Online defenders of Depp made an online petition for Heard to be removed from her roe and 1.8 million people with nothing better to do with their time have signed it. It seems that, for now, their efforts were wasted. Will Warner Bros. and DC hold the line?

The actress recently participated in reshoots for Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Another court case between Depp and Heard is due later this year.