Yet it’s not simply for being part of Ghostbusters 2016! That should be for unlimited damages.

McCarthy is part of a group including her husband, director Ben Falcone, Brett Ratner, RatPac, Warner Bros. and the Gersh Agency. All are on the ticket together.

The cause of all this excitement? The 2018 New Line comedy The Life Of The Party. It’s all about a breach of contract and a movie that made just $66 million.

Eva Kowalski launched the suit claiming that the movie is a rip-off from her WGA registered outline treatment College Mom. She goes even further to say it’s a deliberate plot and they had an agreement between them to steal her ideas.
Papers were filed in Los Angeles. They claim that Kowalski pitched to the Gersh Agency in 2014. The Agency told her it was a good idea with a high chance of success.

“At this meeting, the script, ideas, story and treatment referred to herein were discussed and presented to the Gersh Defendants, and details were further discussed at length.”

The filing seeks damages and an injunction against the movie that McCarthy and Falcone claimed to have written. There is some confusion in the reporting as to where Ratner fits into all this.

Maybe they just needed somebody with a really punchable face on the ticket?