After making one of the simplest tropes in action cinema into a highly effective, and highly profitable, franchise in the form of John Wick, creator Derek Kolstad jumped on board the MCU to be one of the creative team behind one of their big ticket Disney+ shows. Falcon And The Winter Soldier.

It will take the form of a six-episode follow up to Avengers: Endgame and has been delayed by COVID-19 hitting just as it was due to wrap. Now it’s nearly ready to hit our screens.

In an interview with the Script Apart podcast, Kolstad said he wants to give some of the secondary characters in the MCU a chance to shine:

“What I will say is that there are characters from the earliest Marvel movies that are coming back. We’re layering them in and reinventing them in a way that’s gonna shift the storytelling structure. It’s f—ing awesome.

Here’s what I’ll say: growing up, everyone would give someone like Robin shit. But Robin’s pretty badass, and became pretty badass in the comics.

[We’re] taking secondary characters and putting them in the primary roles, and [as a result] they’re cooler. They’re more interesting. There’s more humanity, more longing, more suffering, and coming to grips with who and what they are.”

Daniel Bruhl and Emily VanCamp are back as Helmut Zemo and Sharon Carter. Wyatt Russell will play U.S. Agent. The show will screen in early 2021. First MCU cab off the rank for Disney+ will be WandaVision.