Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye is now fully available on Disney+, and the cat is out of the bag about both that show, and Spider-Man: No Way Home regarding how the MCU and the old Netflix shows fit together. So from this point on we had better drop one of these…

Spoiler Warning

If you haven’t seen Hawkeye or Spider-Man: No Way Home and don’t want to be spoiled then back away now! Still here? Good.

Then as you know Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova from Black Widow appears in Hawkeye. But the big surprise was Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk/Kingpin from Netflix’s Daredevil appearing in Hawkeye, and Charlie Cox appearing as Matt Murdoch in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Thus forever ending the debate about whether the Netflix shows were part of the MCU.


The director of the final two episodes of Hawkeye, Rhys Thomas, spoke with Variety and was asked if he knew Kingpin was the main bad guy, and if he knew about Murdock in Spider-Man:

“The Kingpin of it all was not on the cusp when I started the show, but I feel like his presence was never far. Like, we were always circling this other ‘big bad guy,’ but there was a moment when a Marvel executive came over and said, ‘You know, this is what we’re gonna do about that.’

As far as a larger plan and a crossover with ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home,’ I did not know that they would do that. They do a wonderful job at Marvel of keeping everybody quite siloed, and I think they do this for your own security.

People seem to sort of assume that there is this room where everything is all mapped out, but, no, they keep you kind of focused on your own show and only give you the information that they feel they need to give.”

Hawkeye was probably the best and definitely the most fun of the MCU shows to appear on Disney+ so far. A spin-off based on Echo, the deaf character of Maya Lopez, played by Alaqua Cox is on the way. In the last moments of the show, she seemingly executed Kingpin. However, this was quite clearly left off-screen to leave it ambiguous.


Wilson Fisk To Return?

Vincent D’Onofrio spoke to Deadline about what becomes of Wilson Fisk says he hopes it is not the end:

“I hope he didn’t die. I’m with the fans, I want to keep playing this part. My hope is that we continue. I didn’t know that Daredevil was going to end when it did, I thought it was going to continue for a few more years.

There was a lot to explore there, there were many facets of my character to explore.”

D’Onofrio also talks about adapting Kingpin from the Netflix shows to Disney+:

“It’s a tough character to play in that it’s based on a lot of his pain from his childhood. Once I reconnected to the way I played him [on ‘Daredevil’], what the events in his life were, and attached myself to the emotional aspects of the character, then it was fine, I was good to go.

I know that we were picking up with the same guy. It’s tough to connect all the dots, but they connected as many as they could and that he had lost a bit of his power because of the Blip. But the idea [was] to bring him into ‘Hawkeye,’ to have him be that same character that he was in the earlier show, and play him like that.”

If you haven’t seen Hawkeye, it is well worth a watch. Between Hawkeye and Spider-Man: No Way Home it looks as if the cries of “It ended with Endgame!” may have been a little premature.

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