“Lester, Are We Still Cops?”

Speaking in a recent interview, Dominic West, who played Detective Jimmy McNulty in the HBO show The Wire, has opened up about the abandoned idea of a prequel movie.


West told Empire –

“We were talking about maybe [making] a movie of The Wire for a while,”

“David Simon said it would have to be a prequel, but we were all looking a little long in the tooth.”

After the decision was made to not proceed, Simon looked for a while to make another project that would reunite the stars of The Wire, about the younger years of Louis Armstrong.


West described it as –

“a crime story set in New Orleans that was not a Wire film, but would feature the entire Wire cast.”

Set in Baltimore, The Wire garnered critical acclaim during its five-season run from 2002 to 2008. Created by Simon, it followed a single police investigation, from the perspectives of both law-enforcement officials and the criminals they were pursuing in a city-wide drug war.

Earlier this year, actor Clarke Peters, who played veteran detective Lester Freamon in the series, said he would be up for a reunion and revealed that he has an idea for a movie starring the show’s original cast members.


Before The Wire, Simon made HBO miniseries The Corner, which featured many actors who would go on to appear in The Wire, including Clarke Peters, Maria Broom, Corey Parker Robinson, Reg E. Cathey, Clayton LeBouef, Donnell Rawlings, Tootsie Duvall, Robert F. Chew, Lance Reddick, Delaney Williams, and DeAndre McCullough.