Today is May The Fourth. Star Wars Day. Growing up, I was a lucky little kid. My dad converted the garage into a home-made cinema, with a projection room and cinema seats that dad had managed to save from a soon-to-be demolished cinema he used to work at. It even had curtains that opened and shut.

Dad and I would watch everything in there, from Alien to Zulu. I used to have friends over to watch Tom & Jerry cartoons. I loved that little cinema. I wish I had taken more photos of it now though.

My dad and mum, around 1970
My dad and mum, around 1970

When I was about 5, I remember watching Star Wars with my dad. He had it on Super 8mm. It was a 400ft cutdown which was only 16 minutes long. It was basically the attack on the Death Star and it was one of the first memories I ever have.


Annoyingly, I don’t really have a big memory of seeing Empire Strikes Back. It must have been on TV at some point, but I was only 5 when it came out. I do remember going go see Return of the Jedi in my local cinema, the same one that my dad used to work at.


I had all of the Star Wars movies on video and I played them to death, even though I had them recorded from the TV with the advertisements included. I loved Star Wars so much! It reminds me of a happy time, an innocent time, time with my dad. This was all:

“Before the dark times, before Disney the Empire.”

I still love the Original Trilogy. They are a great set of movies, with a complete arc for the characters. Funny, sad, full of action and adventure, everything you could want from a movie.

A New Hope

I know everyone calls it Star Wars, but A New Hope changed cinema, and many people’s lives, forever! I was only 2 when it came out so I don’t remember it, but I remember dad telling me he’d never seen anything like it before.

An epic sci-fi action movie with an incredible score by John Williams. You met one of the best bad guys in cinema history. There was a beautiful princess, a humble farm boy, an old religious nut. Then the coolest smuggler you have ever seen and his walking carpet!

Then he had the coolest spaceship you’d ever seen. They all then go and save the princess and defeat the bad guys, by blowing up a planet!!! Do you remember ever being so excited before?

The Empire Strikes Back

Then the sequel came out! This was before the days of the internet, where everyone would have spoiled the biggest shock moment in cinema history somewhere on Reddit. As I said, I don’t really remember this moment, but some people do.

I can’t imagine walking out of a cinema after finding that out! It would have been amazing.

Return Of The Jedi

Empire Strikes Back ended weirdly since it wasn’t really an ending, but it set up the third movie perfectly. We all head back to Tattooine, so the guys can rescue Han and BOOM! Luke is a Jedi now, with his cloak and his lightsabre.

They rescue Han and then proceed to finish it all, take out Vader, the Emperor and the Empire and save the galaxy. Luke manages to save his dad.

OK, so there was the Ewoks we had to deal with, but, as an 8 year old kid, I loved them. Personally, I love Return Of The Jedi the most. I know it’s not the best movie, but I love the ending with Lando flying in and out of the second Death Star and Luke, with that now immortal line:

“Never. I’ll never turn to the Dark Side. You’ve failed, your highness. I am a Jedi, like my father before me.”

I still get goosebumps from that moment!


Did you have the toys as a child? I had a lot of the action figures. And, because my dad was a tight ass, I had an AT-AT but it was the Air-Fix kit that was about 6 inches tall and didn’t move. It was hard to recreate the scene on Hoth with that thing.

I also remember I had a Yoda and a friend had a Rancor. We were creating our own story and somehow, the Rancor ate Yoda. I never saw my Yoda again.

I still have these

Today, I have taken the day off work to watch the 4k re-mastered fan cuts. It’s in 4k, but Han shoots first. I will be sat at home, remembering the good times of Star Wars, remembering my dad and just enjoying it.

So, open talkback, what are the good things you remember about Star Wars? What toys did you have? What was your reaction when you first saw it?

Keep it all positive, since tomorrow, Revenge of the Fifth, you’ll have the chance to slag off Disney.

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