Steven Toast Will Invade America

The BBC has commissioned Toast In America, a spin-off from Channel 4 sitcom Toast Of London, which will see Matt Berry reprising his role as the character Steven Toast.

Co-creator Arthur Mathews, speaking as part of the Chortle Comedy Book Festival, revealed Toast is to return to screens after what will have been a six-year break.

Mathews explained that the series would see the actor character moving to America –

“The idea is that he leaves Britain and goes to Hollywood. It’s set in America but it’ll be shot it Britain; they’ve been doing that for years, like they did with Episodes.”

“Quite a lot is written – there’s five years worth of material! I had nothing to do in 2016 for some reason so I wrote a few episodes of Toast in case it ever came back.”

Mathews previously teased the idea for an America-set series of Toast, telling The Digital Fix in 2017 –

“I love working with Matt Berry and I’d love to do more Toast, maybe a fourth series, there’s an idea of Toast in America, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.”

Toast Of London premiered on Channel 4 as a pilot in 2012. The sitcom focused on a largely talentless and wholly luckless actor, Steven Toast, who finds himself in a constant string of tricky situations, both through his own bombast and the incompetence of his agent, Jane Plough. Three series followed, with the show last airing in 2015.

In recent years, Berry has been busy making Year Of The Rabbit for Channel 4 (a second series has been commissioned) and starring in What We Do In The Shadows, a vampire sitcom.

Chortle also revealed that, with Graham Linehan, Mathews is still planning a Father Ted musical called Pope Ted. However, the idea is still in development and Mathews said that –

“it’s very hard to know what is going to happen”.

Alongside Berry, Toast of London stars Doon Mackichan, Robert Bathurst and Harry Peacock, and has also featured cameos by Josh Homme and Jon Hamm.