The numbers are in and it’s not looking good for The Matrix: Resurrections. It has flopped badly at the box office. The studio had it down for $40million at the low end. As the dust settles on the weekend The Matrix box office was nowhere near that. It only pulled in $11.3 million over Friday-Sunday and $21.8 million in total over Wednesday to Sunday.

Waiting for John Wick 4

The last of the theatrical-day-and-date titles Warner’s had in with HBO Max s part of its COVID strategy, stay-at-home viewers also clearly hurt the turnout over a holiday period.

The Matrix box office was worse on the three-day than Wonder Woman 1984 which pulled in $16.7 million over the same weekend last year with fewer screens open.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is doing its thing, breaking the $1billion mark and becoming the first movie to do that since Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker all the way back in pre-COVID times.

Universal’s counter-programming strategy reaped big rewards for Sing 2 with stellar audience scores and $41 million over Wednesday to Sunday. Matthew Vaughn’s WW1 prequel The King’s Man is struggling at $10 million for the five-day. Word on the street is that it is great fun, so maybe worth getting out to see it?

American Underdog snagged $6.2 million for its two days of release and an A+ CinemaScore.

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