A trailer for Kate starring Mary Elizabeth Winsted is now online and she is kicking ass!

It looks very Gunpowder Milkshake and Jolt, both about a strong female protagonist and kicking men’s bottoms. The plot from IMDb is:

A female assassin has 24 hours to get vengeance on her murderer before she dies.

Alongside Winsted is Woody Harrelson, Michiel Huisman, Tadanobu Asano, Elysia Rotaru, Miyavi, Jun Kunimura, and Amelia Crouch. It’s directed by Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, known for The Huntsman: Winter’s War. The writer is Umair Aleen, known for writing Extraction.

Filming commenced on September 16, 2019, and concluded on November 29, 2019. Shooting locations include Thailand, Tokyo, Japan, and Los Angeles, California.

Apparently, Winsted did most of her own stunts and is praised by Nicolas-Troyan as ‘visceral and extremely raw’ in her performance. He says the movie is a love letter to Japan:

“The movie is stuffed with Japanese cultural references: the Lawson convenience stores, the vending machines, the pop culture (with the classic Galactic Wars TV show largely inspired by Star Wars), the anime manga culture (with Tokyo Ghoul) and the music. All the needle drops in the film are there to celebrate Japanese female artists of all genres: metal, pop, ballad, hip-hop, and just plain weird.”

I have to say, most of this actually sounds OK. We’ll have to wait and see what Kate is going to end up like.

Winstead’s first significant role came as Jessica Bennett on the NBC soap opera Passions (1999–2000) and she went on to appear in series such as Tru Calling (2004) and films including the superhero film Sky High (2005). She came to wider attention as a scream queen for her roles in the horror series Wolf Lake (2001–2002), the giant monster film Monster Island (2004), the supernatural horror film Final Destination 3 (2006), the slasher film Black Christmas (2006), and the exploitation horror film Death Proof (2007).

Further success came with her roles as John McClane’s daughter Lucy Gennero-McClane in Live Free or Die Hard (2007) and Ramona Flowers in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010). Her critically acclaimed performance as an alcoholic struggling with sobriety in the Sundance drama Smashed (2012) was followed by a series of roles in other well-received independent films.

Kate is streaming on Netflix from 10th Sept.

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