The early reviews for Thor: Love And Thunder may be absolutely glowing, but elsewhere in the MCU they still have a challenge to solve. The search for a director to shepherd the entrance of the Fantastic Four into the MCU is still ongoing. The project was officially announced by Kevin Feige in 2019.

MCU Spider-Man director Jon Watts was announced as director but Watts stepped down from the project in April this year, citing a desire to move away from the superhero genre.

John Krasinski cameoed as Reed Richards in Doctor Strange 2 but that was a multiverse version and there’s been no confirmation that his alternate-universe version will be carried forward on Earth-616.

The excitedly leaked Dr Strange footage

Deadline reporter Justin Kroll has said there is a long list of candidates that includes some big names. The reason for the delay is that the Marvel Studios head, Kevin Feige, did not have to oversee the entire shoot for Doctor Strange 2, citing a veteran director like Sam Raimi as not needing much oversight or management. He wants to repeat the process for Fantastic Four.

Jon Favreau, James Gunn, or the Russo brothers are potentially alongside Raimi as candidates. Another name mentioned is Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol director Brad Bird. Pixar’s The Incredibles is already practically an audition.

Where may they make an announcement? Well, it might be too soon, but Feige has confirmed that Marvel Studios will return to San Diego Comic-Con after a three-year hiatus. The famous Con will be held from July 21st this year.


Marvel had big links with SDCC. Way back in 2006 Iron Man director Jon Favreau, The Incredible Hulk director Louis Letterer, and then-Ant-Man director Edgar Wright were a big reveal as to the extent of the studios plans. Iron Man had it’s first trailer debut at a later Con. The Avengers were brought on stage together for the first time in 2010. Marvel was always a big attraction and the Con was always a big stage.

Then, when the pandemic struck and the Con went virtual, Marvel Studios opted to wait until the Disney Investor Day presentation in 2020 to make any big announcements.

As everything went virtual, and therefore considerably cheaper, many wondered if big Cons were a thing of the past as studios opted to spend publicity money elsewhere.

At the latest Thor: Love and Thunder press conference Feige revealed that Marvel Studios would be returning to San Diego Comic-Con and to Hall H. He promised big news about big plans. Could a new director for Fantastic Four be one of the announcements?

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