I know I sound like a broken record when I talk about the production company A24, but it’s for reasons like this, Marcel The Shell With Shoes On.  While other companies are worrying about who they cast, and if it is diverse enough, or does this tick all the boxes for modern movies. A24 are making things like this.

OK, so I know it sounds a bit overly cute, but I really want to see Marcel The Shell With Shoes On, it’s a little mollusk in a shell with shoes on.

The concept of Marcel originally came from a YouTube video about 11 years ago, that then went viral, now showing over 32 million views.

The movie has been developed by Jenny Slate, who is the original voice of Marcel. She had worked with the original director, Dean Fleischer-Camp to make it into a movie. The screenplay has been written by Fleischer-Camp, Elisabeth Holm and Nick Paley.

Taking a short film and then turning into something bigger can work, look at Wallace & Gromit, a well known duo loved all over the world now. They started life as a plasticine, covered with finger prints, but now have a number of movies under their belt.

A24 are known for backing movies like this. Last year they made the movie Zola, which was inspired by a 148 part Twitter thread from 2015. It made a nice change to see Twitter produce something intelligent for a change.

Marcel The Shell With Shoes On is due out on 24th June this year.

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