We have been doing a lot of reporting about potential issues with the ending of Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny, rumors of a negative test screening reaction, and tales of the ending being completely reshot. You know the stories. Internet personalities and movie YouTubers with their inside sources claiming doom for the production.


Filmmaker James Mangold had already taken to the internet once to debunk these claims once. Now he has appeared online again to shoot down these reports. Mangold says there are no extensive reshoots and no filmed multiple endings, with no different endings being tested in front of audiences, and Indiana Jones is not being replaced by a woman.

Mangold’s earlier online rebuttal

A recent appearance by composer John Williams was reported as having him saying he was working on reshoots that might need rescoring. According to The Playlist he was mistaken, or mispoke.

However this is the internet, so what Mangold or anyone else says will count for nothing in the eyes of commentators, but he’s going anyway!

“So I took a b-day break from trolls, but it seems I gotta once again say… We’re not shooting & never shot any new scenes or ‘alt endings.’ Our film is 99% finished, getting rated by MPAA & VFX being completed. Happy Holidays!”

When a follower challenged him, saying all Disney films involve additional filming, Mangold responded:

“I made ‘Logan’ and ‘Ford v Ferrari’ and ‘Indiana Jones 5’ and it didn’t happen on any of them. I can only speak to my experiences. Be well.”

Mangold has said not only is he not re-writing and re-shooting Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny, but he’s actually already started to plan out his next project.

If the movie is being rated, then there is no chance it will change significantly as then it would need resubmission for re-rating. Check mate, internet?

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