At this very moment in time, James Mangold has a great track record for his movies. From his early movies like Cop Land and Girl, Interrupted, to 3:10 to Yuma, to Logan, and Ford vs Ferrari. The guy turns out a decent movie.

However, he is at the moment making Indiana Jones: The Dial of Destiny which may turn out to be less good, if Disney has anything to do with it. June is going to be interesting when we all get to see it.


As we know, the DCU is having a fresh start, thanks to James Gunn taking over, so it looks like everything is getting a new start, including Swamp Thing. Mangold recently posted this:

It looks like he is dropping a subtle hint that he would like to direct Swamp Thing. Soon after, Gunn re-tweeted it, giving rise to speculation that this might be something on the cards at some point.

At the moment nothing is set in stone, but it seems he is a lifelong fan of the character and DC would, at the very least, like to talk to him in the future.

Swamp Thing did get a TV series in 2019, but it was cancelled five days after the first episode was shown. Is Mangold the man to bring a new start to Swamp Thing?

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