I go into The Mandalorian with a little sense of dread and a little apprehension these days, and an episode like this is why. This is the review for this week’s episode. There are spoilers ahead, but honestly, they don’t really matter. In a nutshell, this week’s The Mandalorian and very little Mandalorian in it.

We join Din and Bo by the Waters of Life on Mandalor. Din is recovering from the “bends” and Bo asks him if he saw anything in the waters, but he says no. She keeps the Mythosaur sighting to herself.

Flying back to Bo’s home, they are attacked by the Imperials and a battle ensues. This was a good opening, and I was pleased. This was it for Mando and Bo for pretty much the rest of the episode though.


We then follow Dr. Pershing, the guy that was working for Moff Gideon when extracting the blood from Grogu. He’s now joined the New Republic and trying to correct the error of his ways. He’s been granted amnesty from the Empire and is now living in Amnesty House on Coruscant.

I kid you not! All the people that have been granted amnesty from the Empire are all living in Amnesty House. So if the Empire ever came looking for them, that’s pretty much where they would start looking. It made me think of this:

Welcome to Amnesty Housing, where no one will find you.
Welcome to Amnesty Housing, where no one will find you.

It turns out that someone is out to get him. G-68 used to work for Gideon as well and she’s obviously there to get him, even though she spends the episode being his friend. This means that most of this episode was filler.

The doc wants to carry on his work, she says she’ll help him out, double-crosses him, and he ends up with a mind wipe.

There were many glaring problems with this week’s episode.

Firstly, the coms officer, there to kill or have the docs mind wiped was utterly useless. She could have just killed him and left. There was no need to gain his friendship, only to double cross him, hoping they would then wipe his mind. What if they didn’t do that?

This entire thing could have been sorted with a blaster or some poisoned cookies.

The New Republic doesn’t want the doc to carry on with his work into cloning, since it’s ethically wrong. However, wiping people’s minds is fine.

"I remembered the Beatles"
“I remembered the Beatles”

The transit system in all of Coruscant seems to have doors that lead to the outside of the subway, where anyone could fall to their death. They seem to have the same train health and safety standards that they have in India.

I still cannot get over that Coruscant has an area called Amnesty Housing. Imagine double-crossing your group, only to be granted amnesty by the New Republic, only to have a place there. I can see spies from your old organization now:

“OK, we need to find that backstabbing traitor. We can look in Double Cross Crescent, Traitor’s Retreat or Amnesty Housing”

Anyways, as I said, the doc gets double-crossed and gets a mind wipe and no one suspects the comms woman, who is obviously still working for Gideon.

Defiantly not a villain.
Defiantly not a villain.

The last three minutes are of Din and Bo turning up at the Mandalorian hideout and being welcomed back into the creed. Bo isn’t all that happy about it, but I’m sure that will pan out.

Episode 3: The Convert, was more filler. I wasn’t happy that they did here what they did in The Book of Boba Fett with pretty much entire episodes on somebody other than the important people.

I hope it gets better, but honestly, it’s just more content right now.

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The Mandalorian S3 E3
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mandalorian-e3-reviewThis episode hardly has any Mando in it. It's about the doc that worked on Grogu and making sure he doesn't talk, which could have been solved with a simple blaster.