The messy and troubled DCEU has left a lot of hats on the ground. One person who has been especially poorly served by it is Henry Cavill.

After a promising start with Man Of Steel, the powers that be decided that instead of watching this version is Superman grow and develop what we really needed was a poorly thought out confrontation with a previously unseen Batman. This included an unearned death, an unconvincing resurrection and a team-up movie that felt like it had been made by a first year film school student.

It seemed like Cavill’s time in the cape may well be over, no matter how he protested.

Now, according to TCN, Cavill made a pitch himself to the studio that was so impressive that he has been signed for three further movies as Superman, with options for further cameos. This follows renewed interest in the DCEU after the success of the Snyder Cut movement, DC Fandome and news that The Flash will introduce a DC multiverse.

Cameos in Black Adam, Shazam 2 and Aquaman 2 remain a possibility, along with The Flash. This comes on top of news that Ben Affleck will return to the role of Batman to assist with Snyder Cut reshoots and to appear in Andy Muschietti‘s The Flash.

Muschietti felt that Affleck as Bruce Wayne was needed to emotionally centre things before the Flash meets another multiverse incarnation of the caped crusader in the shape of Michael Keaton from the Tim Burton version of Batman.

That movie will be out in 2022. It is likely to be at least 2023 before we see any standalone Superman movie starring Cavill. Wonder Woman 1984 still needs to find a release strategy and Aquaman 2 is yet to lens. The Snyder Cut arrives next year on HBO Max.