Years ago now, we came very close to Toby Maguire and Sam Raimi making a fourth Spider-Man movie. After Spider-Man 3 used up Hobgoblin and Venom in one hit, they were going to use Vulture. John Malkovich was lined up to play him.

James Vanderbilt, David Lindsay-Abaire and Gary Ross drafted up versions of the script. Sets were being designed, costumes wee being made. Other actors were in talks, such as Anne Hathaway for Felicia Hardy / Black Cat.

However Spider-Man 3 was rumored not to be a happy production. Raimi didn’t want to use Venom, and it was forced by the studio. The movie feels lacking in the joy and passion of the previous two instalments and, despite huge financial success, critical response was muted while fans flooded the internet to express disappointment.

Spider-ManJust a few months before production was due to start, Spider-Man 4 was inexplicably scrapped by the studio. They had decided to go again, in a new direction. This led us to The Amazing Spider-Man movies.

Yesterday night Ken Penders, a comic writer, posted a photo taken fifteen years ago from the workshop where friends of his were building the costumes for the production that never was, including the Vulture costume.

This is very different to the more industrial appearance of the Vulture, as played by Michael Keaton, in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Penders carried on tweeting out details, saying the plan was for six Vulture costumes in all that would be used for different modes of movement and different sequences, including flight, walking, and fighting.

Now we guess we will never know. Maguire, of course, made a return to the role via the multiverse of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

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