There has always been something vaguely off about the Berlanti-verse DC / CW efforts. Sometimes it all feels like some kind of lecture thinly disguised as a children’s TV show.

Other times it is as if the people involved in making it all really hate themselves for some reason and this self-loathing, self-flagellation message must be shared with the audience.

Can’t quite put my finger on what it is about Berlanti…

Which is maybe why this news elicits an “Of course!” reaction from people when they hear it.

MSNBC political commentator Rachel Maddow, who instead of reporting the news appears to be a self-appointed vanguard of the anti-Trump movement, has joined the cast of the CW’s Batwoman series.

I am no rabid Trump fan personally, and didn’t vote for him last time, but even I found her reaction to his election, and her adopted persona since that day, a little uncomfortable. Maybe I am just old school and prefer my news anchors to tell me the news?

Check out these two handsome young dudes!

Maddow will play the role of Vesper Fairchild, a Gotham City radio and TV personality.  It is rumoured her character will reportedly never actually appear on-screen, only Maddow’s voice will be heard.

In the comics, Vesper was a love interest of Bruce Wayne who was murdered on the orders of U.S. President Lex Luthor.  In the Berlanti-Loathing-Verse she was mentioned once as a past lover of Oliver Queen.

Showrunner Caroline Dries spoke to The Live Feed to explain the casting:

”We consider Vesper Fairchild to be the sardonic Voice of Gotham. In addition to Rachel’s interest in Batwoman, we thought she’d be the perfect casting choice because her own hard-hitting journalism wildly contrasts Vesper’s penchant for snark, gossip and criticism of female superheroes.”

Maddow previously wrote an introduction for the 2010 deluxe hardcover edition of writer Greg Rucka’s Batwoman graphic novel Elegy.

Ruby Rose kicks off her reign as Batwoman this Sunday.

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