Madame Web starring Dakota Johnson is reportedly seen as the Doctor Strange equivalent for Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, which could tease her multiverse ties.

The Madame Web movie is being directed by Jessica Jones‘ S.J. Clarkson and is one of the many projects Sony has in development that exist within its own Marvel continuity which began with Venom, then the godforsaken Venom: Let There Be Carnage, and will soon expand with Morbius.

Madame Web Changes

Traditionally, Madame Web is an old lass suffering from myasthenia gravis (a long-term neuromuscular disease) and thus was connected to a life-support system that looked like a spider web. Due to her age and medical condition, she never actively fought any villains.

However, with the casting of the much younger Johnson, it appears Sony is changing things up and it’s not limited to just her age (get ready for the blue checkmarks to start screaming ageism).

It’s been reported, via insiders at Deadline, that Sony could also alter Web’s character to make her a better fit for their shared universe by giving her a Doctor Strange level of power and importance. Ahh, good old Hollywood, taking already established characters and bastardising them in order to line their pockets fit their story better.

Madame Web
She may be old but does she smell of piss?

Additional Casting

Sydney Sweeney of White Lotus and Euphoria fame has also been cast in an unknown role but many fans have speculated she could be Black Cat – oh boy does she have what it takes to look the part!

Sweeney is a rising star and sources say she had been weighing several offers in recent weeks, but the opportunity to join Johnson in what would be the first female-centric film in this universe was too good to pass up… (*rolls eyes).

Sydney Sweeney
Please be Black Cat, please be Black Cat…

Morbius Links

Of course, Black Cat has already been teased to exist in Sony’s universe having been mentioned in a shot from the trailer. It shows Michael Morbius reading The Daily Bugle (Bugle having already been established in Venom: Let There Be Carnage).

The banner at the top contains what seem to be two important stories, though; “RHINO ON THE LOOSE: ZOO HOAX FOOLS US ALL,” presumably nodding towards the classic Spider-Man villain called the Rhino, and “BLACK CAT: FRIEND OR FOE?”.

Morbius Daily Bugle

So unlike DC at least it looks like Sony are actually taking time and care to build their universe, I just hope the Venom films are not the level of quality to expect.

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