Oh, Sony. You just don’t know when to quit, do you? Everything you have touched without Marvel Studios there to reign you in has been awful, but still you persevere. Venom, Morbius, not realizing that SPUMC was hilarious. You basically have Kraven The Hunter and Madam Web left to prove you aren’t completely inept.


Madame Web introduces a clairvoyant character with psychic abilities and precognition. In the comics she was revealed to be a mutant. S.J. Clarkson directs Madame Web from a script by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless.

Euphoria actress Sydney Sweeney has long been rumored for a major role in the universe formerly known as SPUMC. On a new episode of The Hot Mic, Jeff Sneider claimed Sweeney will be playing Spider-Woman in Madam Web. He says he is not sure which version of the character she stars as.

Wrong Sweeney!

Previous rumors have suggested that it will be the second Spider-Woman, Julia Carpenter, due to her storyline with Madam Web in the comics. Madam Web also stars Celeste O’Connor, Isabela Merced, Tahar Rahim, Emma Roberts, Mike Epps, Adam Scott, and Zosia Mamet all in undisclosed roles.

Filming has already taken place in the second half of last year. Sony is set to release Madam Web on February 16th 2024.

Sydney Sweeney
That’s better

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