The original story of Heidi was published in 1881. It is about a young girl and her grandfather growing up in the Swiss Alps. At no point in the book did Heidi take on the might of brutal government troops, end up in jail, and train up to be an axe-wielding killer.

Mad Heidi stars Alice Lucy, Max Rudlinger, David Schofield, Kel Matsena, Almar G Sato, and Casper Van Dien. It is written and directed by Johannes Hartman and Sandro Klopstein, with Gregory D Widmer and Trent Haaga also listed as screenwriters. The story is:

“Swiss mountain girl Heidi is abducted by brutal government troops and must defend herself and fight a war against a cheese-fueled machinery of hate.”

This is what piqued my interest because, you know, that sounds awesome. The movie starts off by saying that the movie used Kickstarter to get the money to make it, and it had nothing to do with any major studios. Again, this is a good thing. #DefundDisney

I won’t go into many details about the story, but it is quite good and pretty funny. There seems to be a lot of ‘not-so-subtle’ metaphors about the government, certain mind control issues, and how the public is oppressed but people can rise up.


Mad Heidi has a pretty formulaic story. Heidi sees her boyfriend killed, ends up in jail, trains up and escapes, only to get revenge on her captors and save the day. It goes off on some tangents and gets very silly in places, but this was all part of the fun.

As you might know with me, I don’t do the political stuff so I took it all with a pinch of salt, but I did laugh at the absurdity of governments in general. It was nice to see Van Dien in a fun role as the Swiss President. I kind of feel for him. Everyone knows him as “That guy from Starship Troopers“, and he could have had a bigger career, but he has ended up doing stuff like this.


Alice Lucy, who plays Heidi, is very good and carries the movie well as the main focus. She is also very easy on the eye, which helps.

Overall Mad Heidi is a fun romp of an exploitation movie, but that’s about it. I did laugh through it, and I enjoyed following the story, but I can’t say it’s a classic in any way. It was nice to see a movie that was crowdfunded and there is a long list of people who helped make the movie.

At the moment, you can watch Mad Heidi on their official website.

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