Big shows in big franchises have been a mixed bag lately. In the good column, we have House Of The Dragon. In the other column we have Obi-Wan Kenobi, She Hulk and now it seems The Rings Of Power. Can Andor add to the good?

It could be promising. It’s been made by Tony Gilmore who had a hand in arguably the most creatively successful big screen project of the Disney-Wars era in Rogue One. It appears Kathleen Kennedy is not intimately involved. It didn’t come out of the talentless, lore ignorant coven that is the Star Wars writers room. Still, it’s the hope that kills us.


Three episodes of Andor will arrive on Disney+ within the month. All the talk around the show is that is different to what we have seen so far in the world of Disney Star Wars. It is said to be darker, to lean more adult in tone and themes, with no Jedi and therefore no Force and mystical elements. It’s political and espionage focussed. Also, it was filmed largely on location instead of in The Volume sound stages.

Lead Diego Luna has spoken to The Hollywood Reporter about setting out to do something different in the world of Star Wars:

“We’re going to challenge every idea you have, or every answer you came up with, for why or how things happened and why this character did what he did… We’re going to challenge that, and we’re going to come to you and say, ‘No, listen, things were not the way you imagined. They were this way. This had to happen for someone to become the person you know.’”

It has a pretty unique structure, with season covering a single year in Galactic history. The second season will cover the remaining four years up to just before the events of Rogue One with each block of three episodes covering a year.

“I think it’s perfect. It’s lovely. It’s almost like four different movies [via four three-episode blocks]. Three episodes will be a very strong block to explore a year, another year, and then another year and another year. There is also space in between each block where time passes, so we’re allowed to evolve and transform. But I think that’s part of season one, too.”

The first three episodes of Andor are set to premiere on Disney+ on September 21st. The trailer looked promising.

We will check it out, despite previous experiences. The Mandalorian can’t be the only good Star Wars show… can it? If this is bad, then we’ve only got Cobra Kai season 5 to look forward to.

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