Lucasfilm looked like it may have managed to turn a few things around. After the disappointment with the Star Wars sequels and the collapse of the Star Wars Anthology movie series, they found a ray of light in the form of The Mandalorian. The show seemingly succeeded via the simple medium of… gasp… giving the fans what they wanted.

The Book Of Boba Fett is improving. Yet they still remain bogged down in a world of Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Willow. As if they can’t create anything new.


Now a report in The Hollywood Reporter lays the issue bare for all to see. They actually can’t develop anything new, so they are giving up.

They will officially no longer try and create any new IP and will focus on what they have already.

Tomi Adeyemi’s young adult novel Children of Blood and Bone was due to be their next big thing. In reality, what happened? Adeyemi wanted more input into the script. Lucasfilm disagreed. The development ground to a halt and creative differences grew. The project was placed on hold, then in turnaround.

It was then sold off to Paramount where Adeyami retained the rights to the script and it is apparently making great progress. Yet again the famous Lucasfilm creative interference leads to failure, while a new issue of glacial development pace caused by too many people being too involved rears its head.


So Lucasfilm pulls the plug and goes scuttling away, giving up on original IP altogether. Nobody there has heard of the law of diminishing returns? Sooner or later, somebody, somewhere at Disney is going to have to put on their big-boy pants and put this out of everyone else’s misery.

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