In 2019, Tim Miller and David Fincher produced a set of short animated stories, Love, Death & Robots, it kind of came out of nowhere, and surprised everyone when it started streaming on Netflix. It was made up of different directors, animators and stories, from all over the world.

Personally, I loved it, not all of the 18 episodes, but there were some really great stories in them and the entire thing we pretty original. You can see the trailer to Love, Death & Robots season 2 here.

I have to admit, I haven’t seen the first series in a while now, which I need to fixed, but I was excited about a second series. Here’s my basic plot coverage and review of each of the episodes.

Automated Customer Service

Directed by Meat Dept, based on a story by John Scalzi

Plot : A retired lady has problems with her robot vacuum cleaner and calls customer service, as things go on, they get worse.

Review : I would say this is very much a black comedy. The animation style of this one was odd, the main character has a large head, out of proportion her body, not that this detracts from the story. It’s a little twisted and I did laugh in places and I did like the end.


Directed by Robert Valley, based on a story by Rich Larson

Plot : Two brothers live on an ice-covered planet, one of the brothers is modified, one is not, and probably the only person on that planet without any modifications. They both go out for a race with friends.

Review : This was very overly stylistic, but also very well done. I like the way the story played out, including the reward for the race. The style of this is very much like Aeon Flux from the 1990’s, if you can remember it, but then, it’s the same director, who also directed Tron : Uprising and an episode of Invincible. I liked this one.

Pop Squad

Directed by Jennifer Yun Nelson, based on a story by Paolo Bacigalupi

Plot : Over population means procreation is strictly forbidden. We follow a policeman who will prosecute the parents and execute any found children.

Review : This was, as you can imagine, very dark and I found it quite thoughtful, it plays out really well and has more to the story. The animation reminded me of the Final Fantasy movie, very realistic. Not sure what I made of this one.

Snow in the Desert

Directed by Dominique Boidin, Remi Kozyra, Leon Berelle and Maxime Luere, based on a story by Neal Asher

Plot : A desert planet, where water is scarce, Snow is a lone man, who’s the target of bounty hunters.

Review : This was great! It’s a simple story, but really well played out, it actually had some touching moments. The action is really good, rather gory and some of the animation could have been actual actors, it was so realistic. I really liked this one.

The Tall Grass

Directed by Simon Otto, based on a story by Joe Lansdale

Plot : A steam train stops in the middle of nowhere, a passenger is warned not to wonder off, but is drawn away by lights hidden in the grass.

Review : I did think about the movie In The Tall Grass, based on a Stephen King story but the only similarity was there was tall grass. This one was beautifully drawn and animated (pictured below) and it fairly scary in places. I didn’t think it was the best one, but still good.

All Through the House

Directed by Elliot Dear, based on a story by Joachim Heijndermans

Plot : Two children hear something downstairs on Christmas Eve.

Review : This was darkly comic and a great one if you have kids…don’t saw this to your kids! The style starts off like a sweet Disney film, very cute, very cuddly, it doesn’t end that way. I really liked this one, it is funny and I liked the end.

Life Hutch

Directed by Alex Beaty, based on a story by Harlan Ellison

Plot : A pilot crashes on a planet and needs to get to an outpost, when there, a maintenance robot malfunctions.

Review : The animation of this was almost real in places, it was amazing to look at, but I found it a more serious version of Automated Customer Service. I’d say this was my least favorite of the series.

The Drowned Giant

Directed by Tim Miller, based on a story by J G Ballard

Plot : A body of a giant washes up on a beach, causing the locals to explore it and told through the eyes of an academic who’s there to study it.

Review : I found this the deepest of the stories, but then, it was from J G Ballard, it is about life, death and how people see it, it genuinely made me think. Another one with amazing animation, I thought at first it was actors. Really good one to finish on.

Overall it is a cliché to say, but ‘if you liked the first series, you’ll like this series’. I feel the first series of Love, Death & Robots was slightly better, I think since it had more episodes to ponder afterwards, the new series is only 8 episodes long and I felt like I wanted to see more. They are all original, some are more stylised then others, but they all are different and a great watch.

Since the episodes are only 15 minutes long, you can dip in and out of them. I would say there is something in there for anyone. They are defiantly worth checking out.

Which was your favorite? Did any stick in your mind? Did you like the styles of any?

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