With the recent announcement that Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav wants to make new Lord Of The Rings movies, it now seems things are already taking a turn for the worse.

An insider has spoken to The Hollywood Reporter, claiming that Warner Bros. is hoping to turn the new Lord Of The Rings into a… Star Wars-type franchise. Seriously, have they watched any Star Wars since 1983?Star Wars Laughing

You Shall Not Pew-Pew!

Zaslav recently declared in the company’s earnings call, that Warner Bros. posted an eye-watering $2.1 billion loss in Q4. This means Zaslav needs a win and he needs it soon.

Since taking over from the morons who had run WB into the ground for the last decade, Zaslav seems to be at least attempting to make all the right moves.

We are seeing the launch of the DCU – which sounds a lot like the old DCEU, talk of turning Hogwarts Legacy into a TV series, and now adding LOTR to his dastardly plan, it seems like the coin might soon be rolling on again at Warner Bros. Discovery.

LOTR Gandalf

However, talk of using Star Wars of all things as a benchmark on how to build and run a franchise seems almost as ludicrous as, well, erasing the extremely divisive Snyderverse only to keep most of it.

We all know, Star Wars under Kennedy’s stewardship is a shit show. With the exception of The Mandalorian, and maybe Andor, Star Wars is dying a slow and painful death which would suggest that Kennedy isn’t in fact a real-life Palpatine but in fact a Sarlac.


Real fans (not those who like the sequels) pretty much detest everything about modern Star Wars – it ended on Ednor. New Star Wars fans are happy to consume the content as long as it craps all over the original characters, and has plenty of helpings of “The Message”. 

Obviously, Amazon’s the Rings Of Power decided to take the same approach to J. R. R. Tolkien’s work with disastrous results. The show was universally panned, mocked, and utterly despised by fans of LOTR and Tolkien.

If Zaslav wants to earn the respect, and more importantly money, from The Lord Of The Rings fanbase, he’d be better off using Star Wars as a guide on what NOT to do.

“Please don’t ruin LOTR like you did Star Wars… and Marvel… and Star Trek… and…”

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