Well that’s more like it. Here’s your Loki review “The Nexus Event.”

After a clunker of an episode last week that did very little we get a much better episode explaining a bit more of Lokeena’s origin and motivations and big changes across the series.


First off, many things I predicted are coming true. The TVA are the bad guys and the idea of no free will is clearly going to come under scrutiny.

Also, and I’m sorry but I can’t remember who did it in the comments somewhere, a commenter correctly predicted that the time lords were bull. Good on you!

There are a few things however I’m still a little confused about. In episode 2, Lokeena (yes I know she’s Sylvie but she’s definitely a variant Loki so I’ll call her what I want) sets off a pile of time resets to create a pile of variable timelines. What happened to that?

Don’t know. Still, the real story is what the TVA is, who is in charge of it really, and what is their real purpose, and that’s far more interesting than chasing a Loki variant. I appreciate the left turns this series is taking.

At first, no one believes Loki that everyone working for the TVA are variants, and Mobius is so pissed at him getting away that he puts him in a time loop where Sif keeps kicking him in the balls. Not flashy, but an effective way to torture someone. Even more so for Loki and not just physically.

loki time lords
Not the real time lords. But then neither are the “real” ones.

Finally, Mobius gets some info and begins to believe Loki and rescues him only to end up on the wrong side.

Thanks to some help from agent Body Positive who starts to get some memories back from Lokeena’s charm, the Lokis fight it out against the time lords who turn out to be automatronic dummies from Disney World.

Things turn bad with Loki and Mobius getting erased. It would’ve been ballsy as hell to leave it like that but an end credits scene couldn’t just let it lay there. I’m fine with the direction they are going, but I would’ve liked to see them let people think he was dead for a week. Have some guts!

Overall this was a pretty good episode mostly marred by the things it didn’t address. It still ups the stakes and changes things up in a good way. The TVA are as bad as I suspected them to be and now that they upended everything, I really have no idea where this is going to go.

Which is just how I like it.

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