“It’s never too late to change.” – Mobius

Here’s your LOKI review for episode 5: Journey Into Mystery.

The only real problem with LOKI is the problems any time travel/multiverse show, internal logic sometimes falters. However, at this point LOKI has decided to go batshit insane so I’m digging it. (RELATED: Loki Behind The Scenes Featurette)

Richard Grant Loki? Sure. Copy of Loki running a Mad Max gang? Why not. Alligator Loki? Hell to the yes! Giant dinosaur cloud eating all the Lokis? Ok! Throw in whatever bizarre shit you can.

But at the heart of all this is a couple of messages I really appreciate. See pruning people doesn’t kill them, it sends them somewhere near the end of time. Specifically New York looking like DeBlasio and Cuomo got another term in office. *rim-shot*

So Mobius and Loki both end up in this place. Sylvie, after a bit of back and forth with the big boss finally prunes herself, taking a pad with her. They all meet up at the end.

Mobius picks up Sylvie and they find Loki with some alternates, including an awesome Richard Grant playing an older version of Loki (I gotta stop typing “Loki” so much) who just owns it, as per his usual.

Boy did this turn out to be not what I expected.

During this Mobius has a moment realizing that he spent his whole life thinking the ends justify the means. Sylvie rightly points out how many he’s hurt along the way. It’s a message that is lost these days, I can’t help thinking about all the riots in the name of “justice,” but that’s a different discussion.

He also mentions in a much closer context to this show that “It’s never too late to change.” Most of the Lokis deviating from their timeline are indeed Loki that tried to change in one form or another. Old Loki in particular and he was punished for it. This is the heart of the show and the central conflict. Are we allowed to make our own choices for good or for ill? Will the TVA disrupt any attempt to improve ourselves?

In the meantime the big boss seems to not understand why the time lords are fakes and who is responsible for all this. However, she doesn’t use the opportunity to change and grow but keep the status quo, much like the entire purpose for the TVA in the first place. She’s the worst, continuing the lie for purposes she doesn’t even understand. Perhaps because of fear, perhaps because she doesn’t want to lose her power, perhaps another reason. In any case, keeping things going on a lie will always bite one in the end… Always.

Sylvie and Loki realize they must somehow get past the dinosaur cloud to find out what’s beyond the end of time. Which isn’t a place but, whatever. Mobius takes the pad from Sylvie to go back to the TVA and destroy it. What will happen next?

I don’t know, but I’m all in at this point. Here’s hoping they stick the landing.

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