Glorious Nonsense.

Don’t get me wrong, Loki is a pretty enjoyable show, all things considered. But it does have the issue that all time-travel shows have, which is the illogic of time-travel.

For instance, the TVA (Time Variance Authority) runs across a murder scene they are investigating back in 1549 (or whatever year it was, who cares) and trying to understand who did this. Why not go back a day and wait? That thought never occurs to anyone.

In something like Back To The Future or Star Trek, you can excuse it because time travel is not easy. The DeLorean is large and requires a certain speed. The Enterprise is even larger and has to slingshot around the sun. The point is, traveling around through time in these stories has a lot of limitations.

Even The Avengers couldn’t just go where they wanted when they wanted, without Pym particles and quantum BS to get where they needed to be.

But here, the TVA seems to have easily mastered time. Now they do have some self-imposed rules about keeping the “sacred timeline” intact, which is their reason for being. But to keep the timeline intact, they are able to go wherever and whenever they want.

They appear where Loki appears after a quick recap of Loki’s escape as shown in Endgame. He ends up in the Gobi desert where he’s quickly scooped up and deposited at the TVA. In a fairly amusing processing of scenes, he’s finally given a trial of being a “variant.” A situation that happens if you stray outside the prescribed timeline. That could be making a different decision that day?


Loki rightly points out that the Avengers were the ones mucking around in time, he just took advantage of a situation which at the time he didn’t know was a time travel shenanigan. They say the Avengers were supposed to be doing that and hand wave the thing off. Which is crap but we have to get the show started so hand-wave away, I guess.

Loki is powerless in the TVA realm, even the Infinity Stones have no power there. He’s recruited by Owen Wilson to help him track down another variant, who we know is Loki thanks to various hints, and thankfully, they do not try to make it an obvious mystery.

Loki finds out how his life would’ve turned out, including the death of Frigga and Odin, up until his own death at the hands of Thanos. He sees how he made up with Thor and does have a crisis of conscience. So basically they did what they could to make him “our” Loki in a way. It’s actually effective and works.

Probably because Hiddleston is great as always and really plays well off of Wilson. He plays into the humor and the grief of Loki and slips back into the character like a comfortable coat.

Overall, this new Disney series is harmless fun. The issues are mostly time travel nonsense and it looks to stay away from any woke idiocy as well. It’s fluff but sometimes that’s not a problem. Especially when you have such enjoyable actors clearly having a good time.

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