Here’s your review for Loki, episode 3, “Lamentis”

Now THAT’S how you grind a show to a halt. After two excellent episodes building up to a reveal, we end up with Loki and Lokeena (now known as Sylvie) stranded on a doomed planet thanks to last week’s study of apocalypses. (Apocalii?)

A convenient dead battery on the time pad and we have our two Loki’s needing to work together to get off the planet. They end up, I shit you not, on a train to get to a spaceship so they get a few minutes to connect and learn about each other.

Ok, look I’m fine with slowing things down to get some character development but as far as I can tell, the only thing we really learn is that Loki might be bi. Like that was a surprise and could I care less?


loki and lokeena aka Sylvie

We really learn very little about Sylvie. Now I know that by using that name, it’s assumed she’s the Enchantress. Maybe the MCU version, but this is very much female Loki. If you’re going to use an established character, then USE her FFS! Don’t graft her name on a completely different character!

I’d like to note my consistency here, this is the same argument as race or sex swaps I get irritated about. This is basically the same thing but they didn’t bother to swap the race or sex. It’s still a completely different character so why do it? Just call her Loki or Lokeena or whatever.

The actress does a good job, she’s charming and works well off of Hiddleston. It’s the script that lets them down. It’s so ham-handed to get them where they are. A lot of wasted special effects money on this turd.

Ok, every series has a clunker. It’s just that an episode clearly designed to get us to know our antagonist did little to do that. That’s usually the strength of that type of episode, that whatever plot issues it might have had are made up by getting to know and like (or dislike) a character. To deepen motivations. I still have no idea why she’s doing what she’s doing or really WHAT she’s exactly trying to accomplish. So this episode becomes empty filler.

Let’s see if they can get this back on track.

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