Is it possible? Is this going to be a genuinely good show? Here’s my Loki review of The Variant.

Let’s talk about the big reveal so…

Spoiler Warning

The evil Loki (well, more evil anyway) is a female Loki. Dun-dun-DUUUUN!!

Cue the stupid articles written by lunatics bitching that they didn’t take the time to examine gender fluidity.

Meanwhile, for the rest of us who are sane, the reaction was…

“Huh? Ok. Well, let’s see how this goes.”

Also it was a terribly kept secret so I wasn’t surprised in the least.

I also think perhaps the writers are reading my reviews because they immediately had Loki ask the obvious question I asked – Why not go back a bit earlier and catch Lokeena in the act?

Answer: Because it’s a variant timeline and mucking around in it only creates more variants which is what they are trying to fix. Secondly, they immediately addressed the idea of freewill and Loki’s chaffing against the idea of the time keepers and fate.

Lokeena - Loki Episode 2 The Variant
Don’t Call Me “Loki.”

These are all good things. Set up and conflict. Plot. Wow.

Loki is the fly in the ointment, someone who’s big arc will be asserting freewill back into the universe. At least I hope so. Something along those lines and that’s what they are working towards.

Loki is also messing with the TVA, doing what he must to get where he wants to go. He’s not afraid to play the buffoon but clearly has a new agenda. Every criticism I heard about this show, some of which were not totally unwarranted, was addressed in this episode without giving away the store.

Hiddleston and Wilson play well off each other and are genuinely entertaining. I almost wouldn’t mind a procedural with Mobius and Loki fixing time and busting Miami cocaine lords.

He comes up with a pretty good solution to find where Lokeena is hiding in time and how she is able to do it without creating a bunch of variant timelines just by her presence. They are really doing their best to try to keep to the rules of time travel/multiverses as established and then work within them. It requires more clever tricks than just showing up a day before the crime. So well done.

Two episodes in and I’m enjoying the heck out of it. In my live stream, I discussed the importance of judging things as they are, not by the emotional politics of the moment. All of that will be eventually forgotten and you’ll be left with a show, good or bad. Personally, I really like it, BUT we are only two episodes in. There’s plenty of time to shit the bed.

I’m enjoying it so far. Let’s hope it keeps up through the rest of the series.