This film is atrocious and lazy like the title suggests.

Let me start by saying I applied my rule of THE FIRST 20 MINUTES. If one is not compelled to keep watching after 20 minutes then turn it off or delete it. The filmmaker has failed to engross or intrigue you in my opinion after that.

I stopped after 32 minutes. I was being very patient. I used to respect Sugar TITS™. Then I skipped to the last 10 minutes of this total contrived piece of shit that lasts 90 or so.

Avoid at all costs. This is PURE SCUTTER™.

Watch that other crap Mel made with Mark Walberg instead. Gibson is an embarrassment to himself and his career. I hope it paid well Mel.

You’re only as good as your last game.

I wouldn’t be laughing at me either Goggins you whore for cash ShitHAWKE™. Stop making this total PANTS™ and wasting my motherfucking time you fucking KENTS™

This review was far too long.

1 star out of 5 because it was in focus and the sound was fair to good.

Alcatraz Out!