Last week Last Movie Outpost took the opportunity to have a quick chat with Cortney Palm, an actor who has secured her title as a “scream queen” with performances in films like Zombeavers, Death House, and Sushi Girl.

Cortney’s new film Beyond Paranormal is releasing this July and she tells us a wee-bit about what we can expect.

Cortney Palm

MacLeod – Hi Cortney, thanks for taking some time to talk to Last Movie Outpost! You’ve done a fair amount of horror throughout the years. Do you have a special bond with this genre?

Cortney Palm – Horror is so much fun, there is always something exciting going on whether it be with practical effects, special make-up effects, or prosthetics; there is just always an element of theatrical artistry and that appeals to me.

MacLeod – Do you consider yourself a “Scream Queen” and do you feel the pressure of being pigeon-holed for roles, as such?

CP – On the surface, it may seem like such because much of my other non-horror work has flown under the radar and is less known. I don’t consider myself a scream queen at all, but I do feel pigeon-holed as the “nude” girl.

Cortney Palm

MacLeod – What iconic performances from actors or films have really stuck with you over the years?

CP – I absolutely love Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich, Demi Moore in GI Jane, Kate Winslet in Titanic, Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality, Lupita Nyong’o in US, and Jennifer Beals in Flashdance — all of which inspired me to provide an honest performance in my work. If we look at male performers: Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington and Leonardo DiCaprio in anything have always been really solid actors to me as well. Of course, I mentioned all the uber-famous folk, there are many people I admire but the list would bore you.

MacLeod – Your performance as Zoe in 2014’s Zombeavers. Do you feel that project was a big turning point for you?

CP – I would love to lie to you and say “yes!” and play the game of projecting success, but honestly, my career has felt the same since. No big breaks for me yet.

MacLeod – How do you feel about the way Zombeavers was received by fans?

CP – It seems to me that fans just love being able to make fun of the film and have a good time while doing it. I have seen many people invent drinking games while watching the film and counting beaver jokes. I think it was very well received and I am grateful!

Cortney Palm

MacLeod – After Zoe survives the events of Zombeavers, would you return to play that character again? Does director Jordan Rubin have any plans to make a sequel?

CP – There was some political drama that went down with the creators of the film, that being said there more than likely will not be a sequel. Initially, I was speaking with the writing team about coming back as Zoe’s twin to uncover the mystery of what transpired. But I doubt very much there will be a sequel — sorry! But keep a lookout for the Kaplan brothers, we are working on putting a new film together even now!

Cortney Palm

MacLeod – COVID has thrown the whole world into chaos but we notice that you are very busy right now, the upcoming film Beyond Paranormal, how did this project come to be?

CP – I have a few films that are coming out this year: Beyond Paranormal (July 2021) and Two Cents from a Pariah (Summer 2021) as well as Involuntary (which was shot during Covid-19 back in October 2020)

Chadwick Struck, the casting director for Beyond Paranormal, reached out to me and asked me if I resonated with the material, which I did! He set up a zoom meeting for me to meet with the director, Matteo Ribaudo. Chadwick and I go way back as he cast me in Zombeavers and Disappearance, so he trusted me as an actor and I am honored by that. Having met with Matteo I discovered that they initially were trying to cast YouTube stars or Social Media Influencers for the film but they weren’t really actors and I suppose, couldn’t fully deliver all the performances.

They had the role of Lilly cast already by a famous model, but from what I hear she really couldn’t emote well. Then Chadwick suggested my name, I met with Matteo after working all day doing my concrete construction job, and I was a mess, but we hit it off and a week or so later I was filming!

MacLeod – So is there anything you can share without spoilers in Beyond Paranormal?

CP – The film’s premise borders the line of what is make-believe and what is frighteningly real in my character’s world.

MacLeod – You’re also filming another feature film, Hellevator Man with Mick Foley. What can you speak on regarding this project?

CP – IMDB has inaccurate information, especially when the films production team doesn’t keep up with accuracy themselves.

We have already filmed this with my Sushi Girl co-stars James Duval and Andy Mackenzie. The film was never released. It was fun making it though. James and Andy have an epic fight scene in an elevator, while I am in there scared, and then I get hurt and my face peels away to reveal something mechanical and we realize we are all robots stuck forever in this Hellevator. This had some fun make-up effects too.

MacLeod – You’ve gone back and forth from television to film over the years. Do you have a favorite medium to work in or do you simply go where the work takes you?

CP – Film is by far my favorite. Each film is different and I love that.

MacLeod – You’re also a certified life coach. When you hit creative brick walls in your acting work, how do you stay inspired yourself?

CP – I actually enjoy working with sacred plant medicines and psychedelics. I also practice meditation and Tarot reading which has really opened my eyes to see beyond this illusory world and thus I am inspired just by doing nothing. Which is hard to do with the ridiculous expectations of society. One is forced to feel guilty when you aren’t doing something. But just simply being we can heal on so many levels and recognize when our ego is not healthy. With a whole, healthy body and mind we can see the degradation we have caused to the planet, the animals and the people in the name of profit and greed. Just look at what we have done by trying to accomplish something – war, domination, money, power, status…. It’s unbalanced.

Cortney Palm

MacLeod – I follow you on Twitter and you are always very positive, you also speak your mind which is refreshing for a blue check. You previously did an interview in which you spoke about Cancel Culture, how do you feel about this current trend?

CP – Cancel Culture is an opinion-based fear that has millions retaliating over someone or something that they themselves do not fully understand. When we operate our lives by projecting fear or hate, that stem from our own traumas, we create drama without substantial information. This prevents someone or something (that is being called to “cancel”) from the opportunity to express their reasons behind what they have said or done and the masses end up demonizing someone or something without full understanding or compassion. This happens because we are all here sitting in the same muck of the collective unconscious rather than thinking for ourselves and operating from a place of love.

MacLeod – Cortney, thanks again for taking some time out of your schedule to talk to us, hopefully, we can catch up again later in the year following the release of Beyond Paranormal! All the best!

CP – Thank you! Peace & Love

Cortney Palm

You can follow Cortney on Twitter and Instagram.

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