Hey Guys!

It’s time to kick off that silly season where everyone decorates their homes with ghosts, ghouls, and gobli…um, forget that one. How about an RBG dummy in a rocking chair???

Halloween will be here and who knows what will happen during the next month. We may be able to go to parties and trick-or-treating, but most likely we will be stuck at home. But you are all used to that by now, aren’t you?

Our plan here is to share some of our favorite entertainment that can also be considered to have a Halloween theme. But we also want your input as well!!!

For the next 31 days, we will discuss all things horror related, be it films, shows, books, games, music, whatever!

If you have any ideas and want to contribute, please contact us at [email protected] or post your ideas in the comment section below.

Now, I can’t kick off any Halloween event without including my favorite horror theme team called The Merkins. In fact, today is the world premiere of their newest song “Die By My Knife” performed by the Slashstreet Boys! I will put it up once it gets released. For now, here is another great one:

Besides their great takes on pop classics, they also produce funny sketches like SNL did decades ago:

It’s going to be a fun month!