Carrying on the discussion from the Confession Booth this week, in the Livestream we’re going to be asking what other movies would just never get made today?

There was a time when anything could be joked about. You can still do that today, but a group of people with pronouns in their Twitter bio and interesting colored hair will scream and shout until someone is fired or cancelled. Everyone is offended.

This has led to something of a creative black hole where people are just too scared to make anything truly groundbreaking, stimulating or challenging as it might end their career.

There are classic bits of literature that would never have been made today, with even To Kill A Mockingbird being censored in some areas.

Join the guys in the livestream as they discuss where we are today and what movies from the last would simply not have been made if todays culture existed back then. The Livestream is at the usual time:

12pm CST – 6pm UK

If you haven’t before, have a listen and join in. It beats spending time with the family.

Be there AND be square.

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