There is a lot to discuss this week on the livestream.

We’re going to talk about James Cann and the legacy he left behind. Probably best known for his roles in The Godfather, Thief and Elf, but that is just a small part of the movies and TV shows he was in. You can tell us what roles you thought he was best in.

Also, The Boys has just finished, so we will be discussing the third series on the Livestream and how good/bad it was. This season certain had some “Holy shit” moments, but was the series any good? Did it get too political?

The new trailer is out for Clerks III and it looks like it’s going full meta. We will talk about Kevin Smith, from the early days of his writing things like Clerks and Chasing Amy, to things like Tusk and how he promises everyone He-Man wouldn’t be woke, then made it woke.

It’s always great to have people join us on the livestream and comment, so come and join us.

Sunday 10th July 12pm CST – 6pm UK time

Be there AND be square.

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