We can’t ignore it any longer, but Warner Bros. is in trouble, with a capital T. Firstly, they are in the middle of production on Aquaman 2 and Amber Turd has gone and shit the bed, literally.

There has been no secret about the trial between her and Jonny Depp, with every little detail being published online. It looks like Warner Bros wanted to replace her in Aquaman 2, but how much will that cost?


To be honest, that’s nothing compared to The Flash and Ezra Miller. At the moment, Warner Bros. can’t even get hold of him since he’s MIA, possibly in another universe. Hey, at least he’s not on his own. He has allegedly kidnapped someone and taken her with him.

It was leaked a little while ago that Michael Keaton was going to somehow return as Batman in this new Flash movie, but it now looks like all the scenes of the main character are going to have to be replaced.

Ezra Miller
The child called me a ‘he’.

Imagine getting your dream job in Hollywood, working for one of the biggest studios out there in the form of Warner Bros., only to land in the middle of this! The guys will discuss this tonight and give their opinions of what should and shouldn’t happen to his character in The Flash as a result.

They will also be be discussing something else which has slipped under the radar, the new season of The Orville, which has just started streaming.

The Orville Season 3

The livestream starts at 12 noon CST and 6pm UK time, so come and give us your thoughts about it all.

Be there AND be square.

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