An interesting one for the livestream today. What movies have the most satisfying endings?

Most of the time, you see a movie and you like it. You walk out of the cinema thinking “That was OK!” However, now and then, you walk out of the cinema thinking how great a movie was and it was usually because of just how good the ending was.

I’m sure many movies spring to mind. The ending of Return of the Jedi, where Vader has been redeemed and the Empire is defeated, and Sebastian Shaw is Vader’s Force Ghost. Or maybe it’s Return of the King, which has about 5 endings and a song.

There is a lot we’re going to talk about, so come and join us on the Livestream and we can discuss what movies made you feel satisfied and weak at the knees.

And please, no porno jokes in the comments, you can leave those to the guys tonight to try and make themselves sound funny.

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Livestream starts at 12noon CST, and 6pm UK time.

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