If you open up the app for Amazon at the moment, everything is Rings of Power related. I had to buy a new power cord for my phone and it’s a special edition Elrond with pointy ears.

Yes, The Rings of Power is now streaming the first two episodes. I’m pretty sure there are small tribes in the middle of Africa, with no TVs, internet, or electricity that know it’s out since most of the budget appears to have gone on advertising.

Well, it’s clearly not gone on the cast. The main players, at the moment, make it as exciting as watching an accountancy seminar. The production is hit and miss, with some of it looking genuinely impressive, but some of it looking like a green screen.

We’ve had the open thread about it, and we will be mentioning some of your comments, but the guys will be talking about the first two episodes of Rings of Power this week in the livestream.

Along with that, we will be mentioning She-Hulk. This week’s episode gave us this.

She-Hulk E3 Twerk
I’m not sure what’s worse, the twerking, the music, the unprofessionalism or the CGI.

Yep, this is now in the MCU forever more. Living in the UK, I had to Google who the rapper was, and I’m still none the wiser. Drunken Yoda has reached his limit and has to have a rant about the show, it’s worth watching just for that because we’re all waiting for that stress vein in his forehead to pop.

Come and join us and tell us what you think of both Rings of Power and She-Hulk. You know the time and place.

Sunday – 12pm CST – 6pm UK

Be there AND be square.

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