Prey hit streaming this week and it has had an interesting reception. Overall the feedback has been positive for the movie, but some have gone as far as to declare it the best Predator so far.

The guys will be discussing this today. What was good about the movie? What was bad? Was it as bad as the trailer made it out? We will also be going through some of the comments on our review a couple of days ago, and addressing some of the things brought up there.


We will then talk about the original Predator, a classic movie of the 80s. It has now had numerous sequels and spin-offs, but none of them have been close to as good as the original. We’ll also be focusing on big questions, like how come Dutch got his top off in the original, but Naru didn’t in Prey?

We will also talk about what the hell is going on in DC at the moment.

Ezra Miller is now allegedly running a cult. Amber Heard is bankrupt. Batgirl is being shelved. Supergirl will probably follow. Suits are being fired left, right, and center. Is the DCEU finally learning that woke is not the way to go?

It’s going to be a good one today, some come and join us and join the chat. We dare you!

12pm CST – 6pm UK

Be there AND be square.

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