This week on the Livestream, there hasn’t been one big news event, just smaller ones that the guys will be talking about, in true Ron Burgundy style.

Disney has announced that there has been a Bob Swapping Event, which sounds like something you’d find at an orgy, but basically, Bob Chapek is out and Bob Iger is back in, what does this mean going forward?

Ric Flair has been cast in a new movie called The Iron Claw, about the Von Erichs wrestling family. The movie should be interesting as the family had a roller coaster ride.

The Von Erich family, back in the day.
The Von Erich family, back in the day.

There is the new Barbie movie on the way and, for some reason, it looks interesting. Obviously, the guys on the Livestream really want to get their teeth into this one, or at least Margot Robbie.

More news on Indiana Jones 5, which has now confirmed that Harrison Ford will be de-aged in it. I mean, he is 80 now, they should be digitally removing his Zimmer frame as well.

James Gunn has hinted that DC might look to Kingdom Come as a new starting point for the DCU. Yoda and Matt are creaming with delight over this. There have also been some cool trailers for Copenhagen Cowboy, White Noise, and the final Avatar trailer.

There’s been a couple of reviews as well, which they will be talking about. You know where and when for the Livestream.

Today – Sunday – at 12pm CST – 6pm UK

Be there AND be square.

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