The beginning of every year is a dull time for movies, so it’s hard to talk about anything major. But we did miss a few movies at the end of 2021 like, for example, the subject of today’s Livestream – Licorice Pizza, which we have now all seen and will be discussing this evening.

We will also be talking about the other works of the director Paul Thomas Anderson, who is one of those film makers that just always seems to make a great movie.

Please feel free to join us and join the chat, it really helps us out, since we run out of things to talk about usually about 15 minutes in.

Licorice Pizza Livestream
Dumb & Dumber & Dumberer

We do have a laugh on the Livestream, and hopefully give some new insights into some movies you may know and love. We’ll see you at 6pm UK time, 12pm CST.

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