Sunday’s livestream is by Royal Appointment. The Queen herself has demanded a British only Livestream, and Eggy and myself don’t want to be thrown in the Tower of London and beaten up by Beefeaters. That’s an English joke there.

The real reason is, Yoda has a weekend away, something to do with de-toxing his liver. Shawn is at the police station about comments he made about American History X.

So it’s just the English lads from the good side of the Pond. The question we are asking is:

Is Star Wars proper buggered?

Since Disney took over, we have had three bad sequels, two mildly interesting side movies and no more planned for the future at the moment. We’ve had one great TV show, and two bad ones.

I thought Obi-Wan was terrible because it messed with the Star Wars canon too much. Eggy thought it was pretty good, so we will be discussing that.

Interestingly, I bumped into a mate I haven’t seen in a while and we got talking about Obi-Wan. He liked it, I said I didn’t and a fight broke out. No, it didn’t. He told me:

“You need to switch your technical mind off and just enjoy it. Forget the Star Wars details and have fun.”

Later that day, at a pub, we found a bench I had to sit on.

Is he right though? On the one hand, I’m a huge Star Wars fan and I live in hope that the new series/movies will be good again one day and I try to enjoy them.

On the other hand, I’m going to call out something bad if it’s bad! I can’t just sit there and enjoy it when it’s literally ripping apart 40 years of lore.

Anyways, we’ll be discussing this and more about Star Wars in the Livestream.

Sunday 26th June 12pm CST – 6pm UK time

Be there AND be square.

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